Liquid limestone and Exposed Aggregate.

Q. Does it take long to complete my driveway or path?

A. Depending on the area (m2) to be installed and your patterns and colours, times can vary. Most of the jobs we can do in one day, however, it might take a few extra days with complex patterns or colours.

Q. Can you guarantee it won't crack?

A. It's impossible to guarantee any concrete won't crack. But we take every precaution to minimise the chance of it happening. That's why we prefer the wet cut method to the dry cut for liquid limestone.

Q. How long before I can walk or drive on my finished product?

A. You can generally walk on the concrete the next day or two. Driving will usually require a week. Conditions can vary so please ask your tradesperson on the day.

Q. Can I get my liquid limestone or concrete coloured?

A. Yes. There is a huge range of colours available for you to choose from. There's sure to be something to suit you and your home.

Q. Why is there a 100mm gap required against the boundary?

A. The water runoff will require somewhere to go without flowing into the neighbour’s property. The 100mm gap provides this.

Q. Is sealing required?

A. Properly sealing your liquid limestone or concrete protects it from stains, oil, grease, chemicals, and dirt that can ruin its appearance and make it difficult to clean. Sealer keeps it looking good and helps maintain the value of your investment.

We use Crommelin's Next Day Sealer onall our liquid limestone. It can be used before your liquid limestone is fully cured (21 days). We recommend you then seal it again with Enhance WB to keep your limestone looking its best. We can supply and apply these sealers, or we can advise you how to do it yourself.

Q. Can you provide earthworks?

A. Yes. We can organise our experienced operators for all your earthworks or these can be provided by the customer.